• Frankie Parker & The Gentlemen
    Frankie Parker & The Gentlemen

Prominence, professionalism, and passion are characteristics that encompass all that is Frankie Parker and The Gentlemen. Dominating the Chicagoland music scene for over ten years, Frankie Parker and The Gentlemen have worked intensely to establish themselves as a multi-genre and independent recording band. Known as “The Gentlemen”, Kevin Smith (drums), Morris Euman, (bass), Cullen Bogan (lead guitar), and Evell Knight (keys) engage audiences with their fresh approach to familiar sounds, making them a highly sought after act among club venues, as well as corporate, private, and non-profit charitable events. The Gentlemen have a chemistry like no other, leaving their fans and colleagues captivated by their vast knowledge of music and precise points of creativity, often provoked by Frankie’s musical spontaneity.